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MOS Finishing offers professional powder coating services in Orange County, CA and surrounding areas.

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Epoxy, Polyester, Hybrid
Fluoropolymer, Urethane


powdercoat orange county california

Orange County Powder Coating Services

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To protect metal parts and products, powder coating is one of the most durable possible coating options available. MOS Finishing is Orange County’s go-to source for powder coating for metal objects that range from small parts to larger items, in batches ranging from single pieces to large runs.

Our coatings are durable and long-lasting and can be custom-mixed to produce any color in order to add a strong, beautiful finish to any project. We can custom-mix powder to create the exact hue and finish you desire. We carefully prepare the surface for finishing for maximum adhesion, and we hand-coat every item to ensure maximum coverage and a nice, even finish that will last a long time.

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Expert-level Powder Coating

The MOS Difference

As a family-owned company serving the OC since 2010, our team brings combined knowledge, skill and experience working with a wide spectrum of different types of metals, coatings, and equipment. We provide our customers with high-quality, long-lasting coatings that provide both durable protection and custom aesthetics.

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MOS Finishing is adamant about our commitment to our customers.

The MOS Way

  1. We will not cut corners. Every project we deliver is of the highest quality.
  2. We will deliver your project precisely to your specifications and preferences whenever possible.
  3. We will always communicate clearly and respectfully with our customers, suppliers and each other.
  4. We will always perform our work according to recognized safety standards, including donning the proper PPE and utilizing the proper tools for the project.
  5. Our work is completed at the highest level of quality, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.


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The team at MOS is highly-trained and focused on delivering not only impeccable products but superior customer service, as well. We’re happy to evaluate and help you identify your best coating options that meet your protection and aesthetic needs.

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